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Wanda Jackson, Thekla presents Wanda Jackson: 18+ EVENT

  • Wednesday 18th July 2012

wanda jackson L

Legendary rock 'n' roll country singer, best known for her hit 'Let's Have A Party'. Often hailed as the 'Queen Of Rockabilly', she has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, honoured with an Early Influence accolade for her pivotal role in the evolution of popular music, especially where female artists were concerned. As a teenager in the mid-50s, the diminutive Jackson was the first woman to perform unadulterated rock and roll. The young Jackson, an Oklahoma native, came across as both gritty and glamorous; a playfully suggestive growl to her voice matched the daring, handmade outfits she wore, short skirts and fringed dresses that have inspired would-be bad girls for decades to come. A tireless touring artist for more than 50 years, Jackson continues to win over new, young fans the world over, proving that brash rock and roll attitude need not have an age limit. Her trademark growl remains intact.