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Indiana , Thekla presents Indiana: 14+ event

  • Wednesday 5th November 2014
  • Supported by: Shelter Point


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The song ‘Gabriel’ by Joe Goddard made more of an impact on some than others. It was May 2012 when local girl Indiana recorded a stripped back version of the song on her phone, unbeknown to her that this would cause a doppler effect still resonating to this day. The video in which she accompanies herself on piano, was spotted on YouTube by the song’s original writer John Beck, who originally clicked on it expecting a laugh. Instead, he was blown away by her stunning vocal range, and decided to make contact. Their co-writing partnership resulted in four stunning singles throughout 2013 and a million-plus YouTube views. It actively forced her obsession with ‘Gabriel’ full circle. Joe Goddard went on to remix Indiana’s 2014 hit single, ‘Solo Dancing’.

Teaching herself piano at home, the 26-year-old mother of two began writing songs in 2011. Her singing voice possesses the restraint and technique of someone classically trained, without ever having the lessons to show for it. She recalls the moment she made the vocal breakthrough: “When I first started singing, I could only hold a note, and I would get so lost. Eventually, I started to hear more tone coming out. The more I took myself away from everything going on and got lost in the music, these things started happening: the vibrato, the tone, the breathiness. It started once I’d found a connection with the music I was singing.” These home-grown vocals are emotionally charged, and play off fragility and power in a tonal tussle.

Her voice might grasp ears, but it’s her story-telling lyrics that are truly carving her niche, and as Indiana’s debut album ‘No Romeo’ displays, she doesn’t do formulaic love songs. “The title is a pseudonym I give myself” she explains. “These may appear to be love songs but look closer, chip away their exterior beauty and reveal an inner darkness. I am No Romeo.”

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The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB
Doors 7:00pm
Ages 14+ 

Advance tickets available from:
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0844 871 881