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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Thekla presents The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: 14+ event

  • Saturday 17th May 2014
  • Supported by: Miraculous Mule



The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is an American garage rock band, which was formed in New York in 1990. Singer Jon Spencer was previously the leader of the noise punk band Pussy Galore before hooking up with Judah Bauer (guitar) and Russell Simins (drums) to form the Blues Explosion, a band that was part of the 1990s alternative rock boom. This bass-less combo had their breakthrough in 1993 with the album “Extra Width” on Crypt Records. In 1994 “Orange”, a more accessible album followed along with a growing base of fans.

1996 they released an album which is regarded as their masterpiece, “Now I Got Worry”. An unwieldy mess of an album, Now I Got Worry, starts with a series of piercing screams and never stops confounding until the end. Featuring the legendary Rufus Thomas howling and barking on Chicken Dog, and the Dub Narcotic Sound System on Fuck Shit Up, Now I Got Worry was a glorious celebration of what an open mind(s) could do with white trash rock and roll.

Touring endlessly, JSBX gained a small but enthusiastic global audience. Subsequent albums were “Acme” (1998), “Xtra Acme USA” (1999), “Plastic Fang” (2002), “Damage” (2004) and the earlier “Crypt Style” (1992) and “Jon Spencer Blues Explosion” (1992).

Jon Spencer as well as the other members of the band had several side-projects. They recorded an album together with the Dub Narcotic Sound System. Jon Spencer played together with R.L. Burnside (“A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey”), David Holmes (“Bow Down to the Exit Sign”), The Honeymoon Killers (“Hung Far Low”) and other artists. He is also a member of Boss Hog, along with his wife Cristina Martinez. Together with MATT VERTA-RAY of Speedball Baby Spencer formed a rockabilly revival band called Heavy Trash which has released three albums. The band has also been associated in various ways with The Beastie Boys, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and others.

On the Blues Explosion’s album “Damage” (2004) they left out the “Jon Spencer” prefix of the band’s name to show that they are a genuine band.

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The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB
Doors 6:30pm
Ages 14+

Advance tickets available from:
Bristol Ticket Shop
0844 871 8819