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Goldie Lookin Chain, Thekla presents Goldie Lookin Chain: 14+ EVENT

  • Thursday 3rd October 2013
  • Supported by: Chip Daddy

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Behold, The Baneswell Express!
Newport’s finest Goldie Lookin Chain make a long awaited return with a brand new single “Baneswell Express” out digitally on July 1st. (available on iTunes et al) The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming sixth studio album “Kings Of Caerleon” which is released later this year. The band of merry Welshmen also celebrate ten years since their first ever gig with a 13 date anniversary tour. They will also make an appearance at this year’s V festival, alongside their spiritual brothers Kings of Leon.“Baneswell Express” is a Golden Era tribute to not only one of the leading late night convenience stores in the west side of Newport, but also a tip of the hat to larger-than- life hip hop veteran Biz Markie who penned the 1988 B boy classic “Albee Square Mall” a track based on the ultimate shopping experience. In the words of Eggsy - “If “The Biz” can write a tune dedicated to a shopping mall in New York then guaranteed we can spread some love about a convenience store in Newport”. Baneswell, originally home to Newport’s water supply during the Middle Ages, has always been a key spot for the people of Wales to congregate, but who cares about the old days?! Nowadays Baneswell, and primarily Baneswell Express, is the home to everything a consumer could dream of - from cheese strings to clothes pegs. It’s the cutting edge convenience store that welcomes customers, both drunk and sober, any time of the day or night and the GLC feel its time to spread some love not just for the misfits and weirdos but for the independent retailer - Tesco may give you clubcard points but Baneswell Express will sell you booze after hours. GLC are also mega pleased to announce their very first APP (it's something that goes on your telephone). It's not 1983 anymore and the GLC have booted up their ZX Spectrums. Instead of having a Jet Set Willy marathon they have created the ultimate companion for the intrepid 21st century traveller - GLC present “Rosetta Stoned”. Now you too can visit Newport and speak the lingo with the locals without fear of getting your head kicked in. Order a taxi, "get a shirt and tie" or tell your friends you are getting married, "me and the missus are getting matching tattoos". There is a phrase for every occasion, all with helpful audio clips, so you can easily master the Newport dialect.



The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB
Doors 6:30pm

Tickets £13.50 advance
Bristol Ticket Shop
& all other good ticket outlets