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The StringerBessant Band, Thekla presents The StringerBessant Band: 18+ EVENT

  • Friday 10th May 2013
  • Supported by: Leander Morales / Jake Meeking

the stringerbessant band L

StringerBessant (Gary & Jack from REEF and THEM IS ME) return to the road 2 years after their release of their much acclaimed debut "Yard". This time round you can see Gary Stringer and Jack Bessant perform their unique acoustic/electric versions with a full band lineup featuring REEF drummer Dominic Greensmith and Bassist/guitarist Amy Newton. As members of nineties Brit-rock band Reef, both men have dealt with both sides of being in a successful band, so the stripped down, genuinely soulful and melancholy musical partnership is a perfect vehicle for these contrasting personal, blues-indebted songs. Free from swagger or rock bombast, the performances breathe life into these gentle yet dynamic songs.

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