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Pere Ubu, Thekla presents Pere Ubu: 18+ EVENT

  • Friday 19th April 2013
  • Supported by: Variety Lights

Pere Ubu L

Pere Ubu is an experimental rock music group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975. Despite many long-term band members, singer David Thomas is the only constant. The group is named after Père Ubu (“father Ubu”), the protagonist of Ubu Roi (“Ubu, the King”), a play by French writer Alfred Jarry.
While Pere Ubu have never been widely popular—usually categorized as “underground rock”—they have a devoted following, have been hugely influential on several generations of avant-garde musicians and are a critically acclaimed American musical group. To define their music, Pere Ubu coined the term Avant Garage to reflect interest in both avant-garde music (especially Musique concrète) and raw, direct garage rock.
Performing with Pere Ubu will be Gagarin

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Show Times:

Doors - 7pm
Vanity Lights - 7.20pm
Pere Ubu feat. Gagarin - 8.15pm
Curfew - 10pm