The Thekla Archives: 2013

Martin Stephenson from the Daintees, Thekla presents Martin Stephenson from the Daintees: 18+ EVENT

  • Friday 26th April 2013
  • Supported by: Helen McCookerybook

martin stephenson L

Martin is an extremely gifted singer, songwriter, musician and performer. Originally influenced by the punk rock era, his free spirit incorporated a musical range from rockabilly through show tunes and straight rock to the success of The Daintees, of which he was a founder member in the '80s. His early love of literature and music led to the formation of the first Daintees line-up in his early teens. After becoming something of a busking sensation, Newcastle record label Kitchenware signed Martin and The Daintees and sent them into the studio. After two singles, notable among which was 1982's intoxicating "Roll On Summertime", they release their debut album 'Boat To Bolivia'.

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