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The History Of Apple Pie, Thekla Top Deck presents The History Of Apple Pie: 18+ EVENT

  • Sunday 17th February 2013
  • Supported by: Duck House / Follow The Sun

the history of apple pie L

A cloud-tangled view of backyard ‘90s America and a Summer afternoon held in amber, your senses floating with guitar haze over spools of VHS tape and heartbreak soundtracked by lawn-sprinklers. It’s a daydream of private longing and still, suburban expanse, but its dimensions are an illusion and the music that inspired it was crafted in a basement flat in Whitechapel, London UK in 2010. The room, one that Stephanie Min and Jerome Watson have been sharing a long time before starting the band, is itself an escapist warp: cult flotsam of two decades, shelves of TV series, Steph’s cross-stitched Nintendo characters and aging games consoles. At its centre is the laptop and chain of effects pedals that birthed the first HOAP demos.

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