The Thekla Archives: 2012

The Kat Men, Thekla presents The Kat Men: 18+ EVENT

  • Saturday 6th October 2012
  • Supported by: The Caezars

the katmen L

The Kat Men started life back in 2007 when Stray Cat drumming legend, Slim Jim Phantom and UK Rockabilly guitarist, Darrel Higham, met at a jam session at The Oneida Casino, Wisconsin, in the good ‘ol US of A during a week-long Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival.
The Kat Men Cometh… Along with ace bassist, Al Gare (Mike Sanchez, Imelda May) Jim and Darrel will be performing their unique and highly contagious blend of modern Bop in Bristol soon.
Be Prepared and Be Aware!