Level Access is incredibly difficult to provide but we welcome as many disabled people as we can and offer free Essential Companion tickets to enable those that are able to access the venue. Access Cards offer automatic entitlement to the free companion ticket.

Standing and Queueing

The nature of the venue means that standing is very common - seating may be provided upon request but good lines of sight to the stage cannot be guaranteed.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair Access at Thekla is significantly limited due to the size and shape of the venue, and it’s previous life as a cargo ship. We do not recommend wheelchair users to go to the lower deck of the venue due to the number of stairs. We cannot assist in carrying any individuals or wheelchairs; please bring someone strong enough as your free pass if required (see below).

Short Distances

There is accessible Council-operated parking in front of the venue on The Grove. The live venue area of Thekla is in the hull of the ship and lift access is not possible. There is nowhere in the venue that avoids stairs, the shortest distance is to the balcony which is made up of 9 steps.

Access To Toilets

We do not have disabled toilet facilities, but will provide assistance - if needed - to use the existing toilets we have on the middle and top deck.

Assistance Dogs

Given the nature of the venue we would discourage customers from bringing assistance dogs with them during shows and busy periods. We do however offer an essential companion concession in these instances.

Essential Companions

Customers with accessibility difficulties who need a full time assistant in order to attend the event are eligible to purchase 2-for-1 tickets, in order to bring a personal assistant or carer to the event at no extra cost. To apply for a 2-for-1 ticket, please book a standard entry ticket and then email proof of eligibility through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Accessing Visual Information

For customers with difficulty accessing visual information our phone line can provide you with additional information to meet your needs,

Accessing Audible Information

For customers with difficulty accessing audible information pre visit feel free to use type talk to get in touch or any of the other communication methods via our website.