We mainly offer local bands support slots with touring acts, but we or other promoters may occasionally have an event focussed purely on bands from the Bristol area.


  • Don't waste time on flashy packaging or pushy "management". Neither impresses. Someone from the band sending us a raw and exciting recording is much more likely to succeed than a pushy manager sending us a glossy PR package.

  • Contact us by e-mail. Send links to your Bandcamp or Soundcloud account. Send reviews, a description of the band, info on who you've played with before etc.

  • Do some research. Look at the bands we put on, if you are a tribute band, we won't book you. If you want a support slot, suggest who with, and be realistic; we'll try and put bills together that have some cohesiveness to them.

  • Be original. Or if you can't be original, then sound like someone good. Or at least someone that every other band isn't copying.

  • Don't send unsolicited CDs. You are wasting your time and money! We have far too many to listen to already. If we like you we'll ask for a CD.


If all that hasn't put you off, please fill out our contact form here making sure to select "Can We Get A Gig" as the Type Of Enquiry.

Please don't be disappointed if you don't receive a reply - we get many emails a day requesting support slots.